Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stock Market Simulator - Stock Market Timing, Stock Market Trading Tips

QP Stock Tips uses proprietary software to find stocks that appear to have the potential to provide a profit of 15% or more in the near future. Then our staff, who has extensive stock trading experience, carefully reviews the highlighted stocks before a final decision is made regarding which of these stocks have the characteristics required to be included in the Tips Log. After using the tools and playing the games in Beat the Market you too may develop an eye for spotting stocks that have the potential for explosive gains.

All tips are released after the market close. On a BUY tip we recommend you consider buying the highlighted stock soon after the stock tip is released at a price that is not more than 5% above the price shown when the tip is given. The Tips Log includes handy links for stock charts and additional information from a couple of internet sources for all tips listed, but you may also want to do further research on the stock before investing.

A SELL tip is released when we believe the risk / reward ratio is no longer sufficiently in our favor to continue holding a stock that was previously highlighted as a BUY. Never forget that when you sell one stock the funds released provide an opportunity to buy another stock.

The percentage gains and losses of our tips will be tracked through the Closed Tips log. All prices shown are for statistical purposes and will reflect the closing prices of the stocks as of the last day of trading previous to when the BUY or SELL tip was given. Someone trading stocks based on these tips may experience a more or less favorable price in the actual marketplace depending on when they actually buy or sell the stock. No commissions are computed for our historical gain/loss record. This has become less of a factor in real trading due to the low commission prices of the discount brokers, but nevertheless will affect your actual results in the marketplace.

You may choose to receive email alerts when a tip is released or choose not to receive these or any other emails from our service except those that are administratively necessary, e.g., lost password, etc. Visit the “My Account” area of QP Stock Tips for details.

If the email alert is chosen you will be notified when a Buy or Sell tip has been released. For those who are anxious to trade you may want to simply check the Tips Log before the market opens each day to ensure you don’t miss a tip due to a delayed or lost email alert message.